City walk and guided tours

Take Viborg Museum safely around the city of Viborg and explore the city with a city walk and guided tour, where you will hear all the exciting stories about the city's history. You will pass by the historic cathedral quarter, the Fem Halder at Hald Ruin, the King's House, etc.

10 minutes walk from the hotel

Viborg Brewery

Viborg Bryghus is a must-visit for all beer lovers and culture enthusiasts. Located in the heart of Viborg, the brewery offers a unique experience where you can taste award-winning beer brewed with local ingredients and great passion.

5 minutes walk from the hotel

Christmas Market

Visit the Christmas market in Viborg for a magical and atmospheric experience that spreads Christmas joy for the whole family. The market features beautifully decorated stalls selling handmade gifts, delicacies and Christmas decorations, perfect for finding unique Christmas gifts.

5 minutes walk from the hotel

Brew and Cobblestone

Take one of Viborg Museum's skilled guides on a unique tour around Viborg's cobbled streets. There will be stories about the brewery town's colorful history and people, and places that have given names to some of the wonderful beers from Viborg Byghus. After the tour, there is beer tasting at Viborg Bryghus, where guests are allowed to taste an exciting variety of six different beers. 

5 minutes walk from the hotel

Bruunshaab Old Cardboard Factory

Bruunshaab Gamle Papfabrik in Viborg is a fascinating destination where history and industry meet. As one of Denmark's oldest operating cardboard factories, it gives the visitor a unique opportunity to experience historical cardboard production up close. The tours of the factory show the old machines in operation and tell about the factory's exciting history and importance for the local area. With its authentic atmosphere and engaging presentation, Bruunshaab Gamle Papfabrik is a must for anyone with an interest in industrial history and craftsmanship.

5 minutes from the hotel

Mønsted lime pits

You should visit Mønsted Kalkgruber near Viborg for an unforgettable experience of Denmark's underground wonders. As the world's largest limestone mine, Mønsted Kalkgruber offers a fascinating journey through kilometer-long, labyrinthine passages where you can explore impressive limestone formations and underground lakes.

20 minutes from the hotel

The flower workshop OverViskum

You should visit the Flower Workshop Over Viskum for an inspiring and sensual experience in beautiful surroundings. This charming workshop, located in scenic surroundings near Viborg, offers a large selection of unique and creative floral arrangements that change with the seasons. You can enjoy the beautiful exhibitions, get personal advice on flower decorations, and participate in workshops to learn the art of arranging flowers yourself.

15 minutes from the hotel

Viborg Cathedral

Viborg Cathedral is a must-see when you visit Viborg. This majestic church, dating from the Middle Ages, impresses with its magnificent architecture. The cathedral has a rich history and is an important cultural heritage monument in Denmark. From the church tower you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city and the surrounding countryside.

5 minutes walk from the hotel

Fun hall

Funhall in Viborg is the perfect place for an action-packed and entertaining day for the whole family. This indoor activity park offers a wide range of activities, including go-karting, flyball, archery and indoor football, ensuring fun and excitement for both children and adults.

10 minutes from the hotel

Skovgaard Museum

The Skovgaard Museum in Viborg is a must for those interested in art and culture. The museum is dedicated to the famous Skovgaard family of artists and houses an impressive collection of Danish Golden Age paintings and modern works of art. The exhibitions feature both historical masterpieces and contemporary art installations that inspire and fascinate visitors of all ages. Located in a beautiful, historic building in the center of Viborg, the museum also offers changing exhibitions, workshops and cultural events.

10 minutes walk from the hotel

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